Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Plus Sized Woman

plus sized womanIn our society that is filled with looks, figures, and fitness, there is no surprise that those who do not fit this mold, are left out of the mix more often than not. A plus sized woman has appeared in recent years as “something” to do, when it is merely something that we all should be doing. When meeting a new woman, we should embrace the beauty within the person and find things about that girl that are attractive.

Young men are notorious for being afraid to date and to be seen with a plus-sized woman. The truth of the matter is this is a shallow trait that should take a back seat. Rather, find a wonderful plus-sized woman and find some things you like about her. You might be surprised what you find out. Listed below are 5 awesome reasons why you should consider finding a plus sized woman to date.

The Top 5 Reasons why Plus-Sized Women are Datable

  1. Humble Personality. When you think of a plus sized woman, the first thought that should come to mind is that they tend to be very humble. The definition of humble is something that everyone ought to know. The focus point here is that the plus-sized woman tends not to be arrogant or have a large ego; they tend to be pretty modest. Any guy would be foolish to say that this is not an attractive quality. In fact, humbleness is something that describes the typical woman and when your buddies are discussing how their women have self-worth issues, your plus-sized girl will be sitting there with you having a real discussion and probably talking about sports.
  2. Self-Praise. Plus-sized women are great in that they are not as likely to be staring into the mirror hours on end only to gawk at something they don’t like. The skinnier versions tend to be pretty shallow and this is something that can affect a relationship. The truth is, a plus-sized woman, with all her modesty, is practical, sexy, attractive, and she does it in less time than the skinnier version. Skip on those skinny-mines and instead find yourself a great plus sized woman.
  3. Fun Dating. Young men and shallow guys know this all too well; you take her on a date to a steak house, she orders a glass of wine, filet, salad, potatoes, and dessert only to take 80 percent of its homes in a box or throw it away. This is aggravating. Take it this way; your plus-sized woman may actually enjoy having a modest petite steak with a sensible salad. The point is she will more than likely understand that what she orders, she is eating.
  4. Another amazing feeling being with a plus sized woman is having an affectionate and passionate woman at your arms. Guys, seriously, it is an amazing feeling to have a beautiful plus-sized girl showing you affection. They love to hug, pet, and kiss. Simply the best feeling in the world.
  5. They Can Cook. Every guy needs a woman who can cook, and one who can cook well. It’s not that skinnier girls don’t know how, but it is more that the plus-sized woman can cook much better. Hands down.

Find a Good One

Dating with plus sized women are hard and takes time, so be patient. The important thing is to find yourself a good, plus-sized woman who will meet your every need. The reasons stated above are merely some of the better points, but there are loads of reasons why a plus-sized woman makes the ideal date.