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When it comes to online BBW dating, there is one website that has changed the game in the industry. That website is none other than Feabie.com, which offers something different that has never been introduced in the industry before. It isn’t a traditional dating website, which is why it is generating a lot of attention from people who are interested in BBW dating.


The one thing that you need to know about Feabie.com is that it is a social networking system that offers you the chance to meet new and interesting people who may end up dating you or get into a committed relationship with you. The majority of the people on this website start out chatting just as friends, which really takes out all the pressure of online dating.

It is basically a BBW dating community, but there are none out there that can match Feabie.com. The website is growing in popularity and in influence in the BBW dating industry and there are encouraging signs that it will continue to grow and develop. It is a place where you can chat without any pressure of dating anyone and the environment is safe and nonjudgmental.

Sign Up

One of the best things about Feabie.com is that the website has a very simple signup process. The website gives all the power to you, which means that you can add as much or as little information as you want. You can either signup in a minute on the website or you can create a detailed profile on the website, which may take about 20 minutes of your time.

The first step of the signup process will be when the website asks you to pick out a suitable username or a password, and the next step will be a detailed page, where you will have to include all the information, such as your age, date of birth, and other things. You have the option to skip this portion and create your profile without filling up the additional information.

However, if you do decide to make a detailed profile, you will be asked to provide information on your favorite foods, favorite books, favorite movies, your social media pages and the type of experiences that you enjoy and are looking for on the website. It is certainly refreshing to be in control of what you publish about yourself.

Subscription Costs

The greatest thing about Feabie.com is the fact that there are no subscription costs or hidden charges on the website. There are no costs involved, because this isn’t just your average BBW dating website, it offers people with the chance to enjoy BBW dating completely free of cost. If you had to describe the website it will be a cross between a general dating website and a social media website.

Feabie.com is completely free to use and is a social media website for all BBW people and their admirers. There are absolutely no judgments and you get one of the best experiences of BBW dating without having to spend a single nickel.


You may think that a free to use website won’t be able to provide you with a whole host of excellent features, but this is another area where Feabie.com has delivered. The website offers with a ton of cool features on the website, which are unlike any features that you will find on any traditional dating website. The overall user experience and the response from users have been generally excellent, which is all down to the following list of main features that you can enjoy on the site:
• Video chat rooms
• Site is fully protected from non-authorized web access
• Powerful search engine with full customization
• Has both android and Apple apps as well
• Geo-location features
• Customizable news feeds
• Ability to comment on photos
There is no shortage of options and great features to access and enjoy on the website, and all of the tools are available for you to engage and interact with other people on the website. This is something that sets Feabie.com in a league of its own, and this is exactly why such a large number of people are joining the BBW dating website.

Popularity of the website

The overall popularity of the website is astounding to say the least, since it has got one of the fastest growing membership bases out of any BBW community or dating website. After reviewing all the features that are available, we were more than impressed and can safely say that the website delivers an exceptional BBW dating experience for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Feabie

The Pros:
Free to use
Make great new friends
Lots of outstanding features
The Cons:
Hardly any

Why Join Feabie.com

There are lots of reasons why you should consider joining Feabie.com, since you will never find a better social atmosphere to interact with like minded people. There is no judgment on the platform and you are accepted for who you are and what you are looking for on the website.
The community is still growing at Feabie.com and you can expect more people to continue to join the website for the coming years. It has been a game changer in the online BBW dating community and it is only a matter of time, before it becomes the number one website for BBW dating.

Our Verdict in Conclusion

Finding great BBW dating websites that provide you with outstanding features and with a chance to find exactly what you are looking is few and far between. When you are looking for BBW singles to date or get into a serious relationship with, this is definitely a website that is worth your time.

We believe that there are loads of great BBW dating websites on the internet, but we haven’t seen many that are as great as Feabie.com. This is the reason why we have rated the website excellently and can safely guarantee that you will have the best BBW dating experience over here.